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Apr 9, 2014
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Hi all! I'm a new member here. Managed to score a new-to-me dm3200 in great condition at a great price. It even had the newer firewire to computer card. I am upgrading from a dm-24 whose screen went totally dark and has been sitting for awhile :(

It looks so far like the DM-24 is not a whole lot unlike the DM-3200 so I've already managed a lot so far but it seems like when I'm reading information or youtube videos on the DM-3200 it seems it's more related to the DM-4800.

Anyway a little about me. I've been playing guitar for awhile and performed in a couple of different bands. I mostly compose and enjoy recording and mixing although i'm not in an active band at the moment.

I'm running an Intel mac pro running Cubase 6. Also have MOTU interfaces but it looks like I won't be needing them now. Event 20/20 powered speakers with a lot of acoustic (OC 703 and Auralex) panels in my music room.

Anyway nice to meet everyone and am positive i'll be asking some questions. You know easy questions ranging from "If i'm running an external preamp do I just flick the switch to line and set the gain all the way down?" to more complex DAW questions like "I can route my drum software (slate drums) output to each individual channel in Cubase for mixdown but is it also possible to route every drum output into the DM3200?"
You're in for a world of fun, the DM is an awesome machine. Not sure if your questions are rhetorical, but it's worth noting that the line input on the DM DOES go through the DM preamp. You can bypass it by going in through the insert jack, but I've never felt the need to do that. With the IF-AN/DM FW card individual drum channels from Cubase can indeed be routed into the DM channels too (or even out through the DM into outboard equipment). Have fun!
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Hey thanks for the reply goodflow. I'm excited to learn the board more. I did figure out how to setup the slate drums form Cubase to each fader on the mixer. Very cool! And that's good to know about the preamp input vs the insert. I hooked up my UAD 710 to the preamp turned all the way down and it sounded alright. Donno if i'll even try the insert.
Injury, that sounds just like my rig. I retired my MOTU interfaces when I got the DM (the elegance of this rig is superb, as is the lack of clocking issues), but I'm still a DP diehard and a big fan of my Event 20/20s. I've got the v3 set now... Who needs a sub?

You will find the DM3200 and FW card to be a ridiculous powerhouse. Price-to-performance ratio will break your slide rule. :)

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