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Nov 27, 2013
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Tascam DP24
Im having a few little niggles, this is what im hoping you guys can help me with:

Im used to using Sonar on the pc for recording, now when i need to move a track either left or right ( forward or backward in time) i can use the keyboard to move the track in very small increments in order for things to be in time.

How do i do this on my Tascam DP24?

I generally come across this when i import a new track from pc and by default it will add my new track to the very beginning of the song.

Ive looked through the forum and cant find anyone else with the same issue unless i missed it so i would appreciate any help, or a link to point me in the right direction!

Many thanks in advance!
Hi, Not to sure about this as I do not own a DP24. But the 2488 has locator buttons called "in" "out" and "to". In order to move a track you set the in and out points at the start and end of the bit you wish to move and set the "to" locator at the point you wish the move to start from. Id check to see if you can do this as I believe the DP has many functions that the 2488 does.

Thanks for your going to give that a try, what your saying makes sense, ive seen what you mean, just not got my head around it. Ill re post on here and let you know how ive got on!

Many thanks!

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