no audio in/out of FW card after software upgrade


Dec 13, 2012
Long Island, NY
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Dm 4800 imac Pro Tools 10
I'm have a major problem. I accidentally upgraded my mac to Mountain Lion 10.8.2 which caused some Pro tools 10 errors so I was told to uninstall Protools and install PT 10.3.2. Well the upgrade works but it has severed the connection between my DM 4800 and Protools.

Big issue number one is that although all my I/O setup in PT and on the board looks fine I can't get PT to accept audio from the firewire card. When I try to even play a file I get an error that says "Problem detected with audio clock. Check that your clock source and sample rate are correct." Everywhere I know to check I see its all set to 44.1 and internal.

Big issue number two - I've lost the ability to use the board as a control surface on the remote layer. I made no changes to the HUI setup on the board, but I had an outside tech do the original setup and I have no idea what to set in PT.

Any help great appreciated! thanks.
Well after 3 hours of phone tech support from a paid pro tools help line I was not able to get it working. Now I've got the engineer that set it up originally coming in tomorrow for in person troubleshooting. This stupid upgrade is becoming very expensive...

Does anyone else have Mountain Lion running with PT 10.3.2 via the IF-FW DMmkII?
Well, I left the studio last night very frustrated and wondering if I was going to have to revert to Lion on my Mac. I got in this morning about an hour before the engineer I hired and guess what - I hit play in protools and the file played perfectly. then I added a track and was able to record and playback audio and midi content no problem. I even closed PT, changed the board sample rate to 48k and created a new protools session all without issue. Literally the only variables that changed since last night were the Mac went into hibernate mode over night and the screen share software that the phone support guy was using was closed. Aside from that everything was exactly the same and the FW card worked perfectly. Great but scary and frustrating.

When my engineer arrived he was easily able to reconnect the remote layer of the board to PT using the HUI emulation. But here is where my last issue occurs. For some reason all the transport buttons work except the record button. It seems to have no effect when pressed on the board even if the record button in PT reacts normally. Also the all safe record arm/disarm button doesn't work.

If anyone knows how to get these last two buttons going then I'm all set. thanks to everyone who read my threads and offered some help, its really appreciated.
The Record button will NOT work when the DM is set to Internal TimeCode. There is simply no workaround other than to set up a separate HUI option in the MMC menu.

With Protools it boils down to this: for tracking, editing and board mixing - PT generates timecode for the DM; the DM is set to HUI/Mackie emulation. This allows access to the Record button. For automated mixing, Generate Internal Timecode is chosen for the DM, PT is set to receive MMC, and the transport is put ONLINE. The HUI Transport button is DISABLED (you will have no external control over the Record button, but it can still be obtained directly in PT).

Hopefully this makes sense. If not I'll elaborate further.

I'm glad to know its not a bug and working as its supposed to, although i can't honestly say I understand why 100%. But I get the gist of it and I'm perfectly happy to click record with the mouse, its not really a big deal. It does seem strange that RW, FF, Stop and Play can work though.
I could try to explain why, but it's probably a waste of time because I don't completely understand it myself.

The important thing is you know that two separate remote/HUI options are needed in the DM for complete command of Ptools. Tomorrow, I'll upload a screen shot of how I've set up my mixer so you can see exactly what's going on.

That would be great. In general the way I'm set up is that the first 24 channels on layer 1 are m/l inputs from my live room and vocal booth. These are assigned to busses 1-24 which are routed to the fw card slot 1-1 to 1-24. From pro tools I have 24 channels coming back out of protocols onto channels 25-48 on layer 2. But in practice I tend to assign everything to main l and r in pt so I'm usually only using the first two faders on layer 2. Layer 3 has odd things like the headphone outs of my Mac, the spdif ins from my pod x3 live and some returns of processed channels from layer 1. And the remote layer of course controls pro tools.

If your have any suggestions that would make more sense or be more efficient I'd love to hear it.
Just hit the "3" key on the numeric keypad and Pro Tools will record.
Rather than a split console setup, I would suggest tracking direct from the micpre to the firewire card, and not going through the whole channel and printing eq or compression. When you listen back to what you have recorded, by switching inputs to the "Returns" side on the routing page, you will be applying the same eq/comp/fx's as you were monitoring during tracking - but not printing.

Advantages - with no need for a split console setup, you can track 32 channels at a shot. When you listen back to your recording by switching to the firewire returns, say at a live concert situation after sound check, you can further tweak your live mix. And you have channels to spare as well for other things, like fx returns or walk in music or whatever.

The way to do this is use "input bypass" I/O routing to send direct from the micpres to the firewire card. Use the firewire outs as your returns / alternate channel inputs.


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