No new annoucements by Tascam for Musikmesse


Sep 29, 2012
Gear owned
Tascam DM24
We all know NAMM and Musikmesse (And the China Trade shows ARE catching up....) are the shows were big announcements are made... We all are looking for new stuff..... And how the marketplace will change..
A while ago the Gibson Group acquired Teac/Tascam. And they allso bought Cakewalk Software from Roland.

So we are all expecting something big to emerge. The announcement of Gibson that Cakewalk is now completely theirs was done at the NAMM show. So it could have been Musikmesse would have been used to announce something big. But it has not yet happened. So they probably are still working hard to create a new group of products...

Lets wait and see.

Wich means something big is being developed I guess. Allen & Heath and Behringer have raised the bar big time. And to make a buck the product needs to be an all in one and a complete package.... This means lots of development.

Gibson owns just like Roland and Behringer a audio ethernetwire technology. So the japanese and US developers will work hard to create the I/O boxes, mixers and computer drivers & software...

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