noise in monitors


Oct 31, 2012
Gear owned
dm 3200
hey guys i bought a used tascam 3200 about a year ago. i been having a few problems with it but i don't really have the funds to send it off for repair so i would rather try and fix it myself. the problem is sometimes when i power it up or while its been on. ill start to get very loud pink noise coming out of my monitors. and the audio that plays through it will be drowned with noise. then sometimes the audio will drop in and out. ive checked everything and norrowed it down to the control room section specifically. i know this because ive switched cable of everything such as firewire cable from the interface card. ts cables for the monitors going into control room inputs. and i can also hear the noise through the headphone inputs. ive plugged my speakers into other interfaces and it has no noise. even when i plug a mic or instrument in via mic/line inputs i still here noise so its not the interface card either. so what could be wrong in the control room section to give it noise and drops? loose solder? would it be on the actual connections or on the pcb? any ideas?
Maybe check for a loose ribbon cable or any other loose cables

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