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Philip McAuliffe

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Aug 4, 2014
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DM 24
Hi all. Could do with a bit of advice.

I use my desk live and had a pretty dramatic failure on the last gig (luckily in the encore).
Basically, the desk froze and about 6 channels redlined and it made one hell of a noise. I re-started it and it worked for about 5 seconds and then did the same thing. I've had it freeze a couple of times recently but without the noise and put it down to bad venue electrics (one was on a generator). Read up a bit on the net and have seen a few issues with the power supply but the symptoms are different and I'm not getting any error messages (mind you I cant read about a quarter of the screen). I've just had a look inside at the power supply, no swollen capacitors and it's the factory replacement power supply (02 stamp). Could this be a software issue?

If anyone has had any similar experience, I'd be glad of any help.

My DM24 freezed randomly as well, replace all capacitors in your switching PSU (use Panasonic FM - low esr types!)
Reseat the 3 eproms.
Bad electricity is a problem with this mixer, was mixing a gig in 2011, the guy behind the bar switched his bar lights off and the mixer went down telling me "fatal error". This was after repairing the PSU in my DM24.
But, my Alesis HD24 was also having problems over there.

Use a power filter like this one, bought it and never had a problem anymore using it live.

Somehow, the cheap ART is good enough. I live in The Netherlands BTW.
A late answer.
We had the same issue in August, and we just swapped the DM-24 for an other one.
The PSU was already recapped, and finally it was the Flash memory (Eproms) that was corrupted. As the flash counter was high (over 85000) I decided to change the 3 flash chips for new ones I programmed with 3.0 software. It fixed the problem.
Hi! I just bought a mint condition but used Tascam DM-24. After about 15-20 minutes of work it start to make terrible noize, the level meters are all up to red. The noize goes away in about couple of minutes, but then none of the inputs works.Restart is only thing that helps. Any ideas. I'm afraid to take it to live gig. The noize is so loud, it will destroy the speakers.

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