Number of tracks going out of IF-FW/DM


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Dec 23, 2012
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DM24 DA-88
I have 3 DA-88s connected to my DM24 using the built-in TDIFs and I thought I could get all 24 tracks recorded on the DA-88s (done in a live session a week ago) on to my computer using the installed firewire card but I can't seem to get the last DA-88 assigned correctly to go out of the DM24. I believe I have all 24 tracks going in the the DM24 as I can see all of them on the meters but on my Cubase track 17-24 do not have my third DA-88 tracks. There seem to be 16 direct outs on DM24 but how do I route the last 8 from the DA-88 via the FW card to my computer?
You send them assigned over busses 1-8. Hope this helps. Great setup you have.

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