ok...so I read the "newbies" faq but....


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Sep 21, 2013
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I still have a question.

I have read everything I could and it could be that im not understanding something but How do I get my computer.../mac/...audio out to the dm24 and where is the signal? I have osx of course and have fw card in dm which works great with DP7 as I can record and mix but if im playing itunes or web audio like youtube I dont hear it. I just got this thing a week ago...my d8b crashed....was lucky to find if card on ebay...it does work...but I cant hear comp audio

any suggestions???

I am pretty new with the DM but I also have a firewire card in mine. You need to makes sure that windows is using the correct audio device, you can do this from the control panel or from the speaker icon in the tray. Just look at playback devices and then make sure you have one of the DM's chanels selected. Of course you will also need to make sure you have the correct channel faders on the DM up and routed appropriately.

Let me know if you still have issues.
ummm...thanks for the info but like I said....im on a mac...you go to system settings...switch to iffdwm24 as input and output....etc
Yes, sorry I did see mac and although I described windows config the processes I pretty much the same. Select ifdwm24 card as your computer's audio output device and check each channel on the DM, there should be a signal on a couple channels.
Better solution I think, take your computer's built in audio out (not firewire card) and route it into your " control room - Sel 3 - 2 track in" monitor listen on the DM24. Just punch up that Monitor source when you want to listen to the computer audio.
Yes quite simple solution. Provided you have a decent audio card in the PC or Mac in this case.

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