only 1-8 traks...why?


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Aug 7, 2013
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dm 3200
Hello, I'm new tascam forum, I have a tascam dm 3200 but am working hardly.
I would like your help on some questions
1. my lcd screen has been damaged completely, I can not see anything on the configuration of the dm 3200. not if you change the lcd or buy vga card for connecting a monitor 2seemy alternate. what is your recommendation?
Two. I'm working with pro tools 10 and at the moment I'm testing the channels.
tascam recognizes the 16 channels, but only recognizes the pro tools 1 to 8 only. what should I do?
thanks for your help, sorry for the bad English, but not speak it very well, I write from IPIALES-COLOMBIA
Hi jaimes123,

In PT try clicking the default button in the I/O routing menu.

First, you have to get your DM screen fixed. There's no way in hell anyone - including yourself - can solve routing issues without a working screen.

Your screen options are these:

1. Determine if the screen itself is bad or if it's just a loose ribbon cable

2. If Option #1 proves futile, purchase a new screen from Tascam or other supplier

3. Install a 2seemy unit.


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