Operating info needed for the CD-RW788


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Dec 8, 2013
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788 portastudio and cd-rw788
Please help. Can anyone tell me where I can get an owner's manual/user guide or exterior views and connector descriptions at least for this unit? Any info will help
There is some information provided in the user guide on page 72.
Some of the other guides have info as well.

Are there specific questions you have? I have one and may be able to lend a hand.
Hi and thanks for the quick response. My wife bought the 788 for me way back and I haven't been able to use it due to a stretch of it thshe wasn't told to buy the CD burner with it. I've recently started recording and love the recorder but learned I quickly needed a burner. I found one without a cable or manual and bought it. It took me a week to find a supplier for the SCSI cable and I bought their last one. I'm recording and burning now
On the CDRW drive, I was wondering what the RCA jacks are for on the back and what looks to be a volume control on the front. Plus, a headphone jack.
While I have you...my 788 is version 1.02. Is there anyway to get updates/upgrades and what are the benefits of doing so?
Thanks for your help bro!
You can go here, http://tascam.com/product/788/downloads/, and get the download to update to version v1.05 I believe, without swapping out your EPROM. If you already had v1.07 and up, then you could use the CDRW and flash up to 2.02. Each update provides better stability and some provide more features, like exporting to wave files so you can edit directly on a PC.

Older versions of the software also had bugs like corrupting the internal hard drive and the interface locking up under certain conditions. You can call Tascam support. They do not have any EPROMs in stock, but they kept quoting me a price. My assumption is that they can still get them. I had version 2.0 so I was able to flash it to 2.02 wich is the highest stable version.

You can also output tracks to the SPDIF digital out on the recorder to something that has SPDIF in, and record it there, still in digital.

Older CD drives had the ability to play CD's directly to the RCA outs and headphone jacks. This is not a sound card for a PC or the 788. It would just allow you to use a PC to control the CDRW and it would play directly.
You're a huge help. I'll check out that 1.05 upgrade and see what happens. Thank you so much. Happy New Year!

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