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Oct 17, 2012
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Hello.I have been recording since the mid-1950's,on tape,and on multitracks.Up to June this year, that is all I have been familiar with. Being a retired pro- muso, obviously I am savvy with working in professional studio's.Unfortunately,being a session musician and working in that enviroment I didn't take a great deal of notice of the recording equipment that surrounded me,hence my dilemma. This June I thought I might have a change of direction,recording wise.I spotted a brand new,unused Tascam SX1.I bought it, set it up,connected the speakers etc etc....played the demo,created a new project, and prepared to record. Not a sausage of a sound.This went on for a month or two. A while ago,I was at a gig in New Brighton,James Burton, elvis Presley last guitarist was performing with Alvin Lee.I will cut to the quick.After the venue I approached the sound man,told him my predicament, and he offered to have a look,he had a look, and unfortunately didn't have a clue.Also a local studio sound man popped round,he had no idea. I am reading the manual for a third time, which is always advisable.So.my question is, would some good soul tell me which buttons to press,as simple as that.I do realise that every song,every project is different,(BUT, JUST TO GET ME UP AND RUNNING).I am hoping to do a course in the forthcoming year,it seems the way to go,but,in the meantime and in between time I would like to record something on it. Hopefully yours,Jonte4
Following the "quick" guide gets you up and running unless you have a problem with the unit.Inputs need assigned correctly,and returns assigned correctly.If you are in the U.S.,you can go to Product Support-Custser@teac.com for help
I'd try giving Jim @ Tascam Tech Support a call (323-727-7627). He's the resident SX-1 guru @ Tascam. He's always been helpful. He essentially helped me make my mind up to buy the SX-1 (giving both pro's and cons) and gave me a ton of tips afterwards (along with software update and effects discs).
Whenever I've needed help troubleshooting a technical issue, he's been rock solid.
when you say "prepared to record", what did you do?
did you arm the track you were trying to record on?
when I bought my first SX-1 5 or 6 years ago, I didn't have a clue how to get anything to work...
the old forum members were extremely helpful and the past posts were loaded with information about EVERYTHING SX-!...
unfortunately, all the old threads and posts are gone and most of the SX-1 memebers are also gone...
it's great to see new SX users and I hope I can be of some help to any new SXer's, just like the former SXer's were a help to me...
don't worry, there's still a few of us left and I'm sure you'll have your SX up and running in no time...
it's an incredible machine...
Wolf,I apologize for my delay in responding to your post. Being a travelling musician, keeps me on the go and away from home quite a lot. Fortunately, I have officially retired as from today the 18th of Dec. The problem is after I enter the HDR page and arm the track I wish to record on.Physically plug my instrument into line in,and play a chord nothing happens.......The routing is rather confusing,I feel I am not understanding the technology of this area. PS,I have set up a monitor and mouse to enable me to get round quicker,theirs a prob with the mouse,it appears to be frozen.They are both brand new units.The LCD seems easier enough to navigate so, for now I will operate from that location.If you can help, I will be grateful
when I turn my 2 SX's on, usually the mouse doesn't work on one of them (frozen)...I have to shut the one unit down and restart for the mouse to work...sometimes I have to shut down/restart twice to make it work...
as far as not hearing anything once the Track is armed, it could be something really simple like the Trim isn't up or the Track volume isn't up...go to the Mixer page and make sure the virtual faders are turned up on the Track you want to record on...it could also be that the monitors aren't set up (check top left and make sure you have everything set up for the monitors you're using)...
if all you did was create a new project and arm a Track, it should work without any further routing...it may just be the volume...are the meters responding when you have a mic/instrument plugged in?
Went through the procedure again without success. Thought I might try a different approach,I entered the HDR page/menu and armed the track.Physically connected
a guitar into the correct channel, and proceeded to create an event.Unfortunately I had no luck in succeeding this time.Not even a show on the meters.PS. I find this problem with the mouse not working,(frozen)a bit frustrating.I tried your suggestion to reboot the unit,but,it didn't work.Thanks for your time and patience,I will keep at it.Onwards and upwards,as they say....Regards,J
jonte4....quick question....sometimes we overlook the obvious.......is your keyboard and mouse plugged into the "older ports"? USB does NOT work for keyboard and mouse....just checking....
Yes,keyboard and mouse are plugged into the peripheral ports.Purple/green sockets etc. The keyboard is totally operable,but not much use without the mouse...............After turning on the SX today Jan10th, the ghost Tascam logo appears with a tiny hand dead centre of the screen,apparently stationery.It appears on every screen I bring up,track,mixer etc. After disconnecting the mouse from the machine,the object is still there..............
"Thought I might try a different approach,I entered the HDR page/menu and armed the track.Physically connected a guitar into the correct channel, and proceeded to create an event."

It could be that the input you plugged into was not assigned to the track you armed. The inputs on the back are independently routed. Check the Routing page.
Thanks for stepping in and trying to help...........Is there a return to factory settings facility on the SX 1,if this was so,Its possible it could eradicate the stationary mouse problem plus other mis-demeanors, with which I am subjected to. Cheers

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