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Jan 2, 2013
Nashville, TN
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DM4800, iffw
Can we petition Tascam to add the software option to turn the display on/off with some key combo? There are hours my mixer is on when I need no view. Or better yet a timed screen off. After 10 mins of no use let it turn off until any key or fader is pressed. I wouldn't care if the screens didn't frequently malfunction.
This suggestion may however delay the inevitable for years.
Knock on wood, my screen is still good but I did buy the 2SeeMy kit for when it does go south. I've had it for 3 months already sitting in the box and I'd install it now if I weren't so scared lol
I am beginning to believe that the DM screens are made more susceptible to heat damage by rough or improper handling during console assembly. My original screen was becoming unreadable by the end of it's first six months of operation... I replaced myself, installing it very gingerly, not dropping it, tightening the screws just enough to hold it in place, etc. This screen was installed last December and has not developed even one line (the first one had a dozen by now).

I am hoping that non-traumatic installation will prove to be the difference, as it would also explain why so many fail and so many do not.
rbrezins said:
Malfunction of the screen (lines) is due to the heat coming off from the power supply. Turning off the screen won't help regarding this issue.

This is 100% the reason. Some studios have natural air flow that helps cool down the DM-24, but others are built so the heat stays trapped inside.
The glue on the LCD screen that holds the flat cable for the horizontal drive signals gets weak and starts to peel away.
Post Offices in the US had Credit/Debit card readers on the counter that had this exact same display, exact same problem, even when the unit was out in the open. Ditto some gas pumps.


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