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Nov 10, 2013
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Basically just a bitch here:

I need the f*****g drivers! Mavericks was released almost six weeks ago now? How long does it take!?

i have seen this:


and have emailed Tascam a couple of times with no response. But i'm just getting real frustrated here!

Agreed! This is absolutely unacceptable for drivers to be taking so long to release!

I understand that the process is extremely time consuming and requires a lot of testing. However, the very first Developer Preview, of Mavericks was released on June 10, 2013. Then the final "golden master" of mavericks was released on October 3, 2013. There were 7 beta releases, in between, I think. So Tascam really could have gotten started on this much sooner. It's clear that their home products division is not a high priority.

I have the US-144mkII, by the way. It's an awesome product, but I have been forced to delay upgrading to Mavericks because of Tascam's seemingly perfunctory planning and development.

The very least that Tascam could do is provide beta drivers, to be installed at the user's own risk. If there are beta drivers available, I take this back (if someone can provide a link).
Yep, this is getting annoying now. How many Tascam users are also Mac users? There must be loads of us. Tascam seem to be releasing some Firmware things so they're not all on holiday, they need to hurry up with the Mavericks drivers!
No beta drivers i can find anywhere, but yes that would be better than nothing!
Re: OSX 10.9 US 1800 Drivers

And Yes i'm waiting for a long time to get a drivers for the Tascam us 1800.
My studio is quite useless at the moment,so lets hurry up with the drivers please!!!!!!

I'm using a mac with Logic pro x !
Well, I'm another us-144mkii user who upgraded to Mavericks without thinking about any issues with my usb interface.

It should be noted that the US line of usb interfaces are still being sold everyday, and I imagine that this is the nightmare scenario for Tascam - Somebody buying a brand new interface, and, right out of the box, not being able to use it due to the outdated driver. So it seems likely that updating the driver as quickly as they can would be a top priority.
This may be a nightmare situation for Tascam but it's a situation that could have been avoided and has now resulted in a lot of angry users.

They should have started working on the drivers when the development release of Mavericks came out but didn't and therefore left lots of users with hardware they can't use.

They're also handling this really badly, they need to give a timeframe on when the drivers will be ready. Just saying "we're working on it" isn't good enough IMO.
Look I'm starting to lose money cause I have no work since I can not use the interface that I bought. Now I never thought upgrading my computer would have done this to me but I wanted to buy Logic X to use in my studio. Now I'm stuck with an old Mbox with two imports. This is pathetic I have the US- 1800 and the US- 2000 and can't use them. I don't know about any of you guys but I'm never buying anything from them again. Losing customers isn't a good way to run a business now it's happening to both of us!
I can't believe this is happening. :eek:

It's been known months ahead that Maverick would be released this fall and no preparation was undertaken to get drivers ready for such a major OS. What sort of business is this?

Your product is not working for more than half of its market share!

We need the drivers!
Alright, I think I've been more than generous as far as waiting. I'm going to sell off my US-144mkii and switch to another device. I've been reading about a lot of others who have done the same.

Does anyone know of another company who makes a similar device that WILL run on Mavericks? Does that company tend to be good with their software/drivers?
US-122mkII for sale...
Last thing ever that I owned from these incompetent company
So as of 20th Nov Tascam has released updates for 8+ of their products. Wtf is taking so long with the Mavericks drivers!!!??? This is getting ridiculous now.
US-122mkII sold .. and replaced by Komplete Audio 6 (Native Instruments).
Never Tascam again.

The Tascam US devices work fine with Logic X and Premier Pro without the use of new drivers. The only thing it will not do at this time is play audio from the native apps on the desktop (i.e. Youtube or Vimeo in Safari, iTunes etc.) You can select your US 144 or any US audio interface in the the audio preferences in both programs using the previous driver:

http://tascam.com/content/downloads/pro ... 2_2.10.zip

I have successfully recorded vocals, line in turntables and guitars with the previous driver and the device still works as an outboard sound card for my Studiophile LX-4 system in both programs.

I would like to watch youtube videos and listen to my playlists through my 144 but I am in no way "stranded" from creating music or movies. Why so hasty to sell off perfectly good equipment?
Craft518 said:
. Why so hasty to sell off perfectly good equipment?

Because I used to use this card for :

- Listening online Radio trough Safari (worked around with Firefox)
- Sound & Midi interface for my NI Maschine MKII (no workaround)
- Sound & Midi interface for Reason 7 (no workaround)

Oh grtz,

That's a real bummer!!! Forunately I am using mpd18 and a micro Korg through logic's native esx24 and drum machines via USB. I almost bought the maschine two weeks ago too. Some programs and interfaces are working its unfortunate this is happening to people at all. This is how companies get a bad rep and it could probably have been avoided.

Good luck though!
I also had a working US-2000 before the Maverick update and spent quite some time trying various solutions with no success. Then today I updated not only the driver, but also the firmware for OS-X (both listed on http://tascam.com/product/us-2000/downloads/), and now it works fine again.
Maybe I found a way. I know it doesn't justify tascam but at least it saves you from buying a new sound device.

The trick is using soundflower, an awesome application that creates two fake channels the OS can recognize, and you can them use to route audio between applications. And it sees tascam us devices.

I have an US-122mkII, an october 2013 imac and mavericks updated, it works fine for me.

here's the walkthrough:

Hope this helps
The US- series drivers are available for download on the Tascam site now! Yay, finally.

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