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Nov 16, 2012
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DM-4800 Cubase Hammond C3
Ok, so I am wanting to go from mixing ITB to OTB. I setup my tracks in Cubase for the first 20 DM4800 channels but get no sound. If I reset the stereo outs to 31-32 I get sound. I cannot figure why I cannot understand this board. It should be so straightforward but it is not. There seems always to be another step missing!

Mixing ITB works fine.

Slot outputs 1-24 set to Buss/Direct
Slot outputs 25-32 set to Bus

What step am I missing this time. :|
If you want to send 20 Cubase tracks TO the first 20 DM channels, push ROUTING, then INPUT (first tab on bottom/left). What do you see in those first 20 boxes? They should be set to: INPUT1 - INPUT2 - INPUT 3, etc etc.

Next - in Cubase: set your outputs FROM Cubase to OutPut 1 for Track 1 - Output 2 for Track 2 - Output 3 for Track 3, etc etc.

In your DM: be sure ALL the fader modules you'll be dealing with are Stereo Bus Enabled: that means pushing the Stereo Button until it's lit (upper left of console).

Finally: ensure you've set up your FireWire interface (you ARE using that, right?). Hit Project/SLOT. You'll see some options: 16 or 32 channels FROM the DM; 16 or 32 channels FROM the computer. Be sure you've enabled 32 channels FROM the computer, and - if you need more than 16 simultaneous outputs from the DM, enable 32 as well.

Hopefully this will get you started.

Captn Dan, thanks a lot, sorry for he stupid questions, I used to run a small studio in the 1980's using a Tascam MS-16 1" tape deck and Soundcraft Series 600 24 channel board but it feels like I had never stepped a foot in a studio with this DM4800. I know it's a great board and will just take some getting used to. I've been using it ITB for a year or so and really like it. I think just understanding the signal flow with the FW IO inside the board is whats been throwing me but I feel like I'm getting there.

Thanks again.
There are no stupid questions; digital mixers can be very daunting, especially if you're coming from an analog background. That was my experience as well; the first digital board I used threw me for a loop. If it hadn't been for some patient engineers who'd already been through the curve, I would've been up a creek without a paddle.

If you keep using the mixer regularly, it'll all fall into place. Just think of your mixer as one thing; the DAW as another thing - and the firewire connection as the bridge between them. The 'Aha Moments' come next. :)


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