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Oct 4, 2012
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2 SX-1 LE+ DVRA1000 CD-01U
I have the 8 assignable Outs from my Roland R8 going into Channels 16-24 via XLR Ins of my slave SX-1...all the instruments on the Roland are recording to their respective Channels, BUT I can't pan them on the SX :confused: !!! it seems like the panning on the SX is disabled for some reason...has anyone else used a drum machine with the assignable Outs and run across this???
there's something I'm overlooking again I'm afraid...
Hi Wolf

Me again. I have also a R8M which is connected to my DM-24. Then I route it over TDIF to my DM-3200.

As I understand your post you do something similiar with 2 SX-1's.

Could it be that your Master-Stereo-Buss is set to Mono? On the DM there is a option to listen to your output in Mono, maybe there is such an option too on your SX-1.

Where in the signal chain do you route your incoming signal from your SX-1 to the other SX-1? (post fader or post ADC?).

Maybe this helps to find a solution for your problem.

Best regards.
it was a problem with the ADAT routing...I'm not certain what the problem was exactly, because there's no mention of it in the manual, but when I changed the ADAT Panning, the other Channels all started responding to their Panning :confused: !!!
another "issue" cropped up though :mad: : the 1-2-3-4-5-6 boxes in the Mixing screen aren't all lit up (not the 1-2, 3-4, 5-6, CUE & L/R)!!! 1 and 2 are yellow and 4 and 5 are yellow...the others aren't even there!!! I have no clue why!!!
AND, tomorrow I'm going to be swapping out the old hard drives for brand new ones and I'm sure I'll have to re-route everything from scratch :LOL:
for any SX-1 users still out there...
I swapped out the old hard drives for the new ones with no problems to report...
I did have to fiddle around with the routing to get the 2 SX's to re'sync, but that also went's a new situation:
when I uploaded some tracks from a few CDs into the clip browser to use as reference tracks and then loaded them on a project, the tracks are playing at a different speed (much faster) then what's on the CD...
does anyone know what might be causing that???
after I routed the ADAT on the slave SX, the panning problem was in the 7 & 8 Returns on the master SX...the #7 Return didn't have the Aux 1/2 on...simple, but not where I suspected the issue was arising from...
anyway, that's no longer a problem...
as far as the speed of the CD, it was indeed the fact that I was operating at 48/24...when I switched both SX's to 44.1, the speed of the CD was normal again...
however, I don't see an option to have the SX set up for 44.1/16, just 44.1/24...
I'm not sure the SX is set up for that...
and the 48k light keeps blinking on the front of both units, even though the 44,1 light is on solid...what does that mean, if anything? I never noticed it before I swapped hard drives...

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