Periodic noise on the Stereo Bus

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    Jan 2019
    Hello guys!

    I got a DM-24 from a friend for cheap, meter bridge and everything. Broken screen which I replaced and all is fine. But it also this crazy harsh "ksch ksch ksch ksch" noise going on the Stereo Bus for the first ten minutes of operation. It usually dies away within the first 10 minutes. This noise is only present on the Stereo Bus, on no other channels or busses.

    I have the mixer standing alone, just a drum machine connected to the first two channels and headphones to check the CR and Main outputs (by sticking the headphones in the Master inserts). The noise is only on the Stereo Bus. I already swapped the sPSU for a ATX one, didn't help at all. But the linear PSU at least looks fine, nevertheless I didn't scope it yet to lookout for this periodic noise, it's about 16obpm if that is of any help.

    When no signal is on the bus, it sounds very "mellow", just like a modulated noise floor. But as soon as any signal is going on that bus, the "ksch ksch ksch" high-end goes with it.

    Did anyone ever hear of something like this?
    Any help appreciated, thank you!

    PS: Shall I make a little video of the noise? Would that help?
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