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Mar 24, 2013
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MX2424 M2524 Mixer
Hello, I am new to the user group and a new owner of an MX. I have read quite a few post regarding the issue I'm having, but no one seems to have my setup.
I am using a M2524 console going to 3 ADAT's. The ADAT's are being used for the AD conversion, then I'm going into the MX from the ADAT using the ADAT IF-AD24 card.
The ADAT's are mechanically done. I get all the common errors when I put tapes in.
I thought the MX would be the next way to go.
The problem is clicks and pops on loud passages. The drum tracks and louder synth tracks are the ones affected.
I really don't know where to start with this issue. I've tried the Low Level Format and this did not work. I am currently running OS 3.05.
I cant update the OS because I don't have a smart media card and I cant seem to get the Viewnet to run in XP. I've spent a lot of time messing with Java trying to figure it out, but I've given up.
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Pops and Clicks,

If you have signal coming in via adat, have you set up the word clock. Personally I would set up the MX as the clock master and slave the Adats to the MX. This should solve the problem unless the clicks and pops are being caused by high signal levels. We have 2 x MX machines linked via Adat to an M-Audio lightbridge and this used to pop until we got the work clock issue sorted. A freelance producer uses this to use the MX's as a 24 in and 24 out to firewire to protools, we also have the analog cards fitted. I just use the MX as the recorder.

OS, you need to hunt down a media card, do a search of the net, there will be one around somewhere. OS 3.05 can cause problems, especially if using larger SCSI drives.

I don't know about view net in XP as I had this all sorted in my old windows 98 machine and now I only use MX view as the viewing software, but what problems are you having with running view net?


I forgot to add, all the manuals and software is available here http://tascam.com/product/mx-2424/downloads/
Thanks very much for the reply. I will take another look at the word clock. Do you have any idea what voltage media card will work? I have found 3.3v and 5v, but cant find a reference to the Tascam requirements.
The Viewnet software just wont start in XP. I have tried a few versions of Java to fix it. I've read a few things explaining Java seems to be the root of the problem, but I cant get it to run.
Just out of left field, contact Tascam parts in the USA and see if they have any media cards in stock, they may even have them with the operating system already loaded as these were being offered at one time.

Will the view net not install or not work when installed? I found a work around for MX view. I have not run view net for a lot of years now. Another way to do it would be to find someone with an old windows 98 machine and load it using that, if you can get a smart media card to suit. I looked it up through the multitude of manuals and it just refers to it being a smart media card, but I bet it's picky about which one.


P.S. just found this:

Per Tascam, the MX2424 will only read the 4mb Smartmedia cards included with it. If you want additional cards, you can order one through Tascam parts department at 323-727-4840.
Thanks for all the help. I got it working finally. I just had to set the ADAT to DIG CLOCK. The MX was set to master, I just missed the correct way to slave the ADAT's.
I am very impressed with the sound of this unit.

Thanks Again

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