Porta 03 issues

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    Mar 2023
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    Back in my teens I had a Porta 03 but it was lost to time. I found some of the old tapes that I had recorded on to and wanted to have a listen, so I picked up a Porta 3. It was marked as not working but when reading the description it was due to not having a power adapter and needing a good cleaning.

    When it came in today I was messing around with it and found quite a few broken solder joints and after fixing those (Mostly the nobs, and ports), channels 1 and 3 seem to have sound going through them at max volume at all times and with headphones hooked up you get lots of static and pops.

    Now I have been soldering and working on electronics for many years now so working on it should not be an issue but I don't know anything about this equipment so I have no clue where to start looking to locate the issue. I looked for a service manual for it but looks like if I want that I will have to buy it and I don't even know if it will help me.

    So before I do all that and invest more money on something that could be junk, I figured I would ask here. Has anyone seen an issue like this one or have an idea where I can start looking on the PCB?