Porta One Ministudio Rewind Disengaging


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Jan 19, 2024
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Hi! I can't seem to find a clear solution for this anywhere so I figured I'd ask. I picked up a Porta One Ministudio for 25 bucks at Value Village this week. Amazing find. It seems to be in excellent condition, everything was functioning as it should but all of a sudden it doesn't want to rewind anymore. The rewind button automatically disengages after a couple seconds and doesn't rewind anything at all. I should add that the belts look as if they've been replaced (not crusty at all) and the whole machine doesnt appear to have any signs of damage or even age. Could this be due to hardened grease in one of the harder-to-reach gears? I'm new to 4-track recording so any help would be greatly appreciated :) It is entirely possible that this is just human error on my part. Thanks in advance.

UPDATE** I solved the issue myself! The Porta One now works like new. Old grease was in fact the culprit. If anyone else has this issue reply and I can show you which parts needed to be cleaned and re-lubricated.
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Hi! I have a Porta Two Ministudio which is neither forwarding nor rewinding tapes. So maybe I have the same problem here. Any hint is appreciated. Regards, Kai
Hey Kai, the solution for me was to follow the linked disassembly and clean/ relubricate the gears. It's not the best tutorial, but it's a pretty simple disassembly. Not too tricky. Hopefully this helps. Tascam porta one \ two FF and REW repair
This is a common problem and has been discussed at length at various times in the forum. A forum search revealed this topic:


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