Porta Two Ministudio Tape Transport Troubles

Discussion in 'TASCAM DIY Repairs and Mods' started by circusparade, Jun 8, 2021.

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    Porta Two Ministudio
    Here's a video showing the problem.

    Essentially, when put into the play position, the pinch roller is stuck in pause and the heads click back as if it's gotten to the end of a tape. Is it something wrong with the belts? The motor? The pinch wheel? Any help would be helpful.
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    Now you are finding out that this deck does not just need a belt as some clients tell me.
    The old grease in these mechanisms gets hard and the parts that control the pause and play function are not strong and powerful parts like a solenoid would be. The mechanism of the deck needs to be taken apart and all old grease removed with denatured alcohol and Lubriplate 105 use to re-grease the mechanism. There is also a known part that breaks in these that is plastic and that is a real involved job to replace that part with a metal stud. This involves the head base staying up but your problem may still just be grease. When fixing these and any old tape deck it is not enough to do first level maintenance but due to age they all have to be gone into a lot more deep than in years past. Your unit is just an example of such things. I am working in a 488 Mk II that had failed due to grease.