Pro Tools 10 setup for DM 4800


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Mar 29, 2013
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DM 4800
I watched a very cool video on how to hook up the DM 4800 to Pro Tools. I was able to successfully complete the task, but i have a few lingering questions.

1. In the setup, it explained that only 16 faders could be controlled (PT 9). What I was thinking, instead of adding 2 HUI devices with 8 channels is to add the third port too.

Does this sound like the right thing to do?

2. Let's say I have a Logic Session. Is the control settings party of the DM Project Settings configuration (i.e. each project saves it's own control settings)?
Go to peripherals in pro tools 10 and setup 3 hui's, make sure the input says remote 1 and the output remote 1.
Then move to second and third hui. I've had all 24 faders working in pro tools 8 already. So yes, 9 can also do it.

On the tascam make sure it's been setup on hui mode.

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