Problem with DP-01 Play button

Brian Whary

New Member
Apr 1, 2014
Gear owned
Hi Folks, brand new to the Forum. Been using my DP 01 for years and all the sudden the play button won't start the machine. Anyone have any issues like this. I am still able to export my existing files, but I can't play any of my recordings. Any suggestions?
I had the same problem with my rewind button. No fix (except use the jog wheel) that I could figure out. Sorry to hear that. I really liked my dp01 fx. Although..... now I have replaced it with audacity/reaper and an audio interface. I'm glad I did. Maybe you should too!
ME TOO!! I had a DP01 which was great till the play button stopped working so I bought another one and the same thing is happening. Its really annoying. You have to press it harder and harder and more and more times to get a response then it dies. An electronics wiz kid managed to fix my first one by changing some component inside but it only worked for a while then died again. Seems odd, I assumed it was a mechanical problem with the contacts on the button getting dirty or worn, but it seems its not that simple . . .

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