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Sep 5, 2013
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Neo 2488
Well, I think I messed up!

While doing some overdubbing on my new Tascam 2488 Neo, I somehow managed to record two tracks of music on to one track. Track 7 has a drum machine AND a synth recorded on it. I would really like to salvage both tracks as they are good, and I control of each separately to take into a studio to mix. I also somehow messed up the bass; it's metering on track four, but playing on track 3!

No idea how i assigned things like this but if anyone can help me salvage these tracks I'd be eternally grateful.


My first thought is that you have "linked" your tracks. This might explain why the fader for track 3 controls the volume of track 4. If you hold down the select button for track 3, it and track 4's select buttom may light up - if this is the case push both at once to "unlink" them.

You may have done something similar with track 7 & 8. You dont say if you are controlling the volume of 7 & 8 using track 7's fader or if both instruments have been recorded to track 7 alone. Use the same way of checking as above but push track 7's select button.

I believe it is possible to have two inputs assigned to the one track. (or one input to multiple tracks - its one or the other) If you have recorded both instruments to the one track then you will not be able to seperate them...

Thanks so much. You were totally right. Plus - I was able to separate what I was worried were two audio tracks that had been recorded onto one track and assign to two different tracks.

I will start another thread but the next thing I need to figure out is how to export the tracks I've overdubbed and get them to line up with a Pro Tools session at the studio I'm taking everything into (I overdubbed on the 2488 to a stereo mix),

Thanks - very much appreciate your help.

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