Problems reinstalling IF FW DMmkII


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May 19, 2013
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Hello all,

Please allow me to make a long story very short. I use my DM 3200 as an audio interface via my IF FW DM mkII card. I uninstalled the drivers as i was having an issue and I'm having trouble reinstalling them. The installation CD for the card can't be found so i decided go to Tascam's site to download the driver.

i downloaded the driver installer file as well as the all drivers from version 1.10 all the way up to 1.7 i believe. I installed the driver installer first then restarted and my Pc , which runs windows xp, then connected the DM 3200 to the computer as was specified in the manual. two things are happening 1) the computer sees the board as AV/C unit and AV/C sub unit, not IF FW DM mkii and 2) when i try to install the drivers manually, the computer does not see the drivers.

it should be noted that to my recollection whenever i updated drivers or had to reinstall them, the computer always saw the card as AV/C unit and sub unit.

I am wondering if i need V1.00 of the drivers for the computer to install that instead of trying to use driver v1.10 or upward.

please help
1.10 all the way up to 1.7??

It sounds like you are talking about firmware versions of the firewire card and the DM3200 and not the firewire card drivers....If that's what you're downloading, then that explains why XP doesn't detect and install automatically or why manually pointing to the files doesn't install them... because those aren't the drivers :D

Go here:

Then scroll down to the Drivers (Windows) section and download version 1.21 and install.

If that's what you're doing then I would suggest right clicking "My computer" "Properties" "Hardware Devices" and delete any USB reference to the firewire card and reboot.

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