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    Sep 2012
    Hi! Did you recently purchase a TASCAM or another pro audio product and want to share your impressions with your fellow users? Or are you a long-time user of a classic TASCAM model and have knowledge to share with people who can't decide which gear to get?

    Awesome! Help TASCAM Forums build a review database by writing a review for us! You can review any TASCAM equipment or accessory that you'd like; in fact, you can review gear from any manufacturer, as long as it's related to recording or pro audio.

    I am currently building a new site section that will include a searchable product database. If you would like to write a review, please send me a PM and tell me which product you want to cover (so we know there is no overlap with other users). Reviews should be in the neighborhood of 500 words or longer.

    If you have other ideas about this project, feel free to reply in this thread. We look forward to receiving your submissions!