Projects not saving or loading on CF card for DM4800


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Jun 13, 2013
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My DM4800 is not loading or saving my projects onto the CF card, what should I do? :?:
First: Have you checked the card to see if there's enough room to save additional files?

Second: Have you tried another card? Sometimes bad cards happen.

Third: Have you tried removing the card and RE-SEATING it? Unless the card is fully seated in the slot it may not function correctly.

Fourth: Do you have TMC installed? If so, does it function as intended - ie - display files, perform backups to the [PC/Mac], display time code, etc etc etc?

I have put in a new card and formatted it as instructed. have put it a new card and I have TMC installed it shows the meter bridge and time code as well but I haven't performed any backups as yet.
The stock Tascam CF card really sucks. I have always had to constantly reseat it to get it recognized. Once it's seeing it, I always back up also to the companion software, because I just don't trust it. It always has worked eventually - but it's very wonky.

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