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Oct 19, 2012
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Hello all, wondering how you all organize sessions on your DM4800, is each project one song, which saves averything as it is set ?? and would I use snapshots instread of projects ?? or do snapshots reside in a project. Ive been creating new projects for each song I mix, any help would be appreciated, oh and by the way I've started Mixing OTB into the 48 and I must say the thing is just awesome, I am currently running Sonar X2, on Win 7. thanks ...
Snapshots reside in projects. A lot of parameters are saved in a snapshot, but not global settings like sample frequency and not the automation data.
I store each song as a snapshot. I have one user definable key set to open the snapshot library, so switching is easy: select the song and press Recall.
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I do it a little differently: each new project is saved to a unique file name. All automation data is saved to that file and backed up frequently to TMC, then to DVDr and/or thumb drive. That way, I can save snapshots of other parameters separately which, then, can be called up if needed in future, subsequent projects.

Just makes file handling easier and 'safer' this way. If you've ever accidentally hit 'Enter' instead of 'Arrow' and completely overwritten a carefully set up file, you'll thank your RECENTLY backed up version to save your skin. :)

CaptDan.... That sounds like a great way of utilizing the storage on the DM.

I'm doing several concurrent CD projects and have been doing them all within one DM project file.
There are usually many snapshots for each song.
Obviously plenty of slots available.
Many automation slots available too.
That being said, it would be nice to open a Project and have it be only the Project.
It sounds like a great solution.
Probably obvious, but we all find our way of using the mixer.

I heartily agree with your caution about hitting the "Enter" button instead of "Arrow/Cursor".
I wish the DM undo could undo that.
Maybe in the DM5800?

Thanks for your constancy and enormous help here on this forum.
Thanks for the kind words! I'm just glad if I get enough things right to help somebody every so often. :)

I like your snapshot approach; good digi-mixers like these allow for a lot of file handling flexibility. It really gets down to how you work and what your challenges are (clients, archival work, remixes, etc etc).

Funny thing: I just discovered a new (to me) usefulness for TMC. I'm in process of mastering an EP at the moment, and am trying to nail my song-to-song RMS consistency a little more quickly. So for grins, I load up TMC's Meter Window along with my stereo editor and its mastering plugs. However, I set the TMC's meters to 'AVERAGE.'

Then, I run my file, making level, eq and compression adjustments - watching the DM's meter bridge channels (set at 'peak,') and the TMC's meters which show RMS (average). After the file is rendered, I go into my file 'trays' and audition various portions of the completed files, paying close attention to the TMC RMS/averages among the tunes displayed in a separate window beneath my editor's. (I also do 'stat/analysis' for actual numeric feedback, showing specific RMS, average high, low, peaks, etc).

This had been the best workflow discovery I've made in a year. :)


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