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Mar 5, 2013
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Is anyone using protools 11 and tascam dm-3200 with the meter bridge? I'm just wondering if everything is working, ex; the clock on the meter bridge stops at random times. I'm hearing Avid will not be supporting HUI anymore. Thanks.
By 'stops at random times,' do you mean - pauses briefly then catches up? Or - does MTCode stall, crap out, revert to, or suddenly unlock and jump to 10:00:00? Perhaps the numerals break apart and look like the display on a calculator after it's been re-arranged by a skateboard. :)

Again - it's important to be specific. If your house is robbed and you see the miscreant running away with your mixer, you can be damn sure the cops are going to ask for all the details you can remember - not to harass you, but to help them arrest the culprit. :)

Re: Avid, HUI................where were you 'hearing' that? Was it from an Avid/PT forum? An audio supplier's sales associate? A friend using Cubase? Rumor? Unsubstantiated claim by a disgruntled PT user who's looking to 'Reap' the benefits of a payware DAW? I ask because, after searching the website, I see no mention of the company's plans to trash HUI. And if they did, it would be a shame because, PT9 opened the market up to non proprietary users of gear like we have. A bullet hole in a corporate foot comes to mind. :)

Details please.

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Well, that foot with the smoking hole in it hasn't happened yet, but somebody is twirling the corporate six-shooter: as I understand it, HUI devices still work, and probably will in the future. But Avid has dropped HUI from the list of tested protocols. They haven't done anything to break HUI, but if they do in the future they won't fix it.

I think the pistol went off with the revelation that the current version of Kontakt doesn't work in PT 9+. Or so I was told by a PT user... Captain, are you using Kontakt inside PT? Is that report true?

Apologies for the derailment... I took the OP to mean that when he stops the sequence in ProTools, the TC on the meter bridge doesn't match the TC in ProTopls. Which is another call for specificity.
Well - I get the sense that Avid was never crazy about HUI anyway. Even with PT9 being the first 'open platform' PT flavor, it's not a perfect world. The PT10 environment was improved in certain important ways - including better resource management. And HUI/MMC works quite well - although there are some peculiarities which I'm sure derive from Avid's corporate ideologies. :)

But I don't know where that Kontakt story came from because I've been using V4 and V5 in both PT9 and 10 successively and successfully. All the N/I instruments I know and like are running like hamsters in a wheel. :)

Still, that's not to say that somebody with a certain rig is going to have the same experience. This is one area where you Mac guys rule; there's more internal architectural consistency among Apple's stuff, whereas the PC world is a hodgepodge of mobos, PCIe cards, protocols, compromises, etc etc. Personally, none of that is relevant to me 98% of the time. But there's that remaining 2%. :geek:

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Capt, I'll pass that on to my game audio friend. He's convinced that there is an inherent incompatibility. If you're running the latest Kontakt, then he has a unique system problem.
Ok sorry for the lack of details, the meter bridge on my tascam dm-3200 briefly pauses and catches up, it does it quite often when playing back a pt session. I had the same problem in pt 10 but I managed to fix that in PT setup/session where I changed the time code setup to 30/24/30, so that being said PT 10 works perfectly with the meter bridge and no lagging.

It's now doing this in PT11 so I tried doing the same thing as mentioned above but no luck. In addition when I play a video in PT11 with music the video is completely lagging, both the music and video are out of sync. Is there some setting in PT11 or Tascam that I am missing. The PT version is 11.02.

As for the HUI, it's exactly that, Avid is not supporing HUI nor have they tested it with PT11. So I'm wondering is anyone else experiencing this problem with PT11 and Tascam?:(
PT 10 works perfectly with the meter bridge and no lagging.

Mine too, and one of 22 reasons why I won't be climbing onto the PT11 horse anytime soon. :)

Maybe Jamsire might chime in; he's well acquainted with PTs 9 through 11, plus their more digitally adept bigger sisters - HD, ToolKit, and that other pak whose name escapes me. :)


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