PS2 Keyboard adapter not recognized.


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Dec 7, 2013
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Not sure why Tascam is using a antiquated PS2 keyboard jack on the HS-P82 and HD-P2, instead of a more up-to-date USB port. It is difficult to find a compact keyboard with native PS2 plug. Most come with a little adapter (you could also buy separately). Many of these are completely useless with the recorder. I've googled around, and apparently there are both active and passive USB-to-PS2 adapters. Anyone using an external QWERTY keyboard with their recorder? Have you found a compact one that works?

RedBus said:

Have you actually used this one? I have other USB keyboards that came with a simple USB to PS2 adapter that the Tascam would not recognize. I understand the adapter must be an active adapter, not just a pin rewiring?

The only keyboard I have that actually works is an old full-size HP keyboard that is hardwired to a PS2 plug.
Yes, this Adesso is one I use here.

There is also an even smaller Japanese keyboard made by Elecom, the TK-FCM006BK, but I haven't found a vendor for that in the US.

There's always ebay for an older keyboard, e.g. the BTC 9118


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