Record from computer YOUTUBE to software DP8


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Sep 29, 2012
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DM3200 DM24
Was watching something on YOUTUBE, and the audio plays through my DM3200 on channels 1/2.

I heard a line that I liked of this speach I heard, I wanted to record it and use it for the beginning of a song.

So I open up my software (Digital Performer 8) set line 1/2 to record, and nothing.

Maybe I drew a complete blank, but..... how do I route this ?

I am using the FIREWIRE connection from DM3200 directly into Mac Pro.

((think I was so inspired to catch the line of the pastor, I totally spazzed out)) LOL
Are you routing the DM's channels 1 & 2 to the proper inputs in DP through the Output Assign buttons? If you are, it should work.
"audio plays through my DM3200 on channels 1/2..."

Well, at least you aren't hearing KROK93 through your dental fillings. (That apparently actually happened to somebody. :) )

Here's what I think's going on: Your default (Mac?) audio drivers (not the Fwire/DM) are set to output computer originated material into DM ch1/2. But, unless you assign that input to OUTPUT SLOT channels back to your (Mac?), you won't capture said signal into your DAW.

Hit: Routing/OUTPUT SLOT; choose a pair of available channels on the left, dial them into the slot using the menu on the right - designating inputs 1/2 as the source. Create a stereo (or mono) track(s) in DP, assigning input to the same channels you chose in the DM. Arm DP - record material.

Yes, but have you assigned the DM 1 & 2 faders to outputs 1 and 2 using the Output Assign Buttons on the front of the console?

THAT'S what I suspect is missing.

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