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Billy W.

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Feb 3, 2015
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DP-32 PortaStudio
I just recored a vocal on track 4 and input B. When I recorded the track I could hear it in both my left and right ears of the headphones. On play back I am only getting it in the right ear. I checked the pan and it is centered. When I try changing the pan setting nothing happens. The track continues to playback in the right ear only. All other tracks are playing back in both ears. Has anyone had this problem or have a possible solution? Thanks! Billy
What do you mean by "input B?" And is there any chance you recorded the vocal to only one side of a stereo track?
Hi Jim,
The Tascam DP-32 has 8 inputs A thru H which allows you to record 8 tracks simultaneously. Each input then requires a track assignment. The vocal was recorded on track 4 and I don't see that there is an option to record anything but a mono-line track with the exception of panning the voice to left or right which I double checked that.
I recently purchased the recorder and assumed I have something misconfigured in my settings but can't find anything that indicates such. I am going to record again on track 5 using input B to see if I get the same result. Any other thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks so much man!

Hi Bill -

Mystery! I've encountered a similar situation with my -24, but found that it was a loose headphone connection in my case! Personally, I can't see any "logical" explanation for a "hard pan" when in fact you didn't do it!
I encourage you to record again, using the same input/track configuration, to determine whether there is a connection issue with your "B" input jack (although, if you were able to hear a "centered" track while you were recording it, Hmmm...)

I doubt whether you've "misconfigured" anything, although you should be aware that upon "creating" a new song, the "pan" settings on empty tracks are often "hard-left" and "hard-right". It seems to be a "default" "zero-desk" kinda thing.

If it occurs again, I'd suggest reaching out for Tascam support. If it's a new(er) unit, you may have gotten one with issues.
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Marty, thanks for the advise and I'll give it a try and see what happens.

All the best! Billy
Oops. Sorry... Didn't realuze where I was and assumed you were recording to a DAW. That's why my question was so profoundly stupid. ;)
no worries my friend. I appreciate you taking the time to try and help and wish you all the best as a fellow composer and recording enthusiast.


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