Recording Main Output into Sonar


Jan 24, 2013
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DM3200, DM4800 and DM24
Hello, first post here.

Back when I was using my DM24/MOTU2408mk3 there was a way that I could record the main output of the mixer digitally, I can't remember what the output was called within the Sonar driver settings but it gave me the option to print mixes right from the console. Since I've been using the DM3200 and the IF-FW-dm mk2 I don't have an option like that. Is there a way to get the main outs routed so I can print mixes from the board?

Cheers, Billy
Yes. Route STEREO to a pair of FW-channels (I use 31&32) on ROUTING/OUTPUT SLOT screen.
Cool, I'll have to check that out when I get to the studio this afternoon. Thanks!

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