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Jul 12, 2014
Is there a way for me to be on the remote layer but have the master fader be the actual mixer master and not connected to the remote?
Sure! Which DAW?
Logic. But i don't want it to control Logic's master. I want the master to control the dm's master when all the rest control logic... Basically, I don't want to switch layers every time i want to lower the volume in the studio.
Sounds like you might not have our studio monitors set up the best way. If you want to reduce monitoring volume, you've got a trim pot (C/R) for that purpose.

Or am I missing something?

I know that. But i like to work with the master fader.
Not to lecture, but I have to go with Dan.... I would not get in the habit of using the master fader for controlling volume in the room. If you're mixing back into your DAW, you can easily fool yourself with a change of just 1db on the master. Just in the interest of "best practice," it might be best to get used to turning down the trim pot... That's what it's there for! :)

I like to use an SPL meter to make sure I'm always monitoring at the same volume.
Well it doesn't really matter as i'm mixing all ITB. And i'm a little too old to change my habits. Now if the Monitor volume was not 3 feet from me (because this thing is huge) i might have used it for fast control. Anyway, back to my question. Is it possible? :)
Is it possible? Sure. If you're mixing ITB and are NOT relying on the DM's stereo fader to control signal level to your summed stereo mix, just keep doing what you're doing - using the master fader as your control room volume control. Just route your ITB summed signal to a DM input Slot, assign that to you DM Stereo fader (or any other fader(s) if desired.) It shouldn't matter, because your DAW's 'virtual faders' are controlling signal level in the active ITB mix. Nothing is being bussed to the DM's circuitry other than the DAC for monitoring.

If you're using the DM32/4800 as the Front End (ADCs, preamps) as well as the Back End (DAC/monitoring), it's essentially a DAW controller/interface. Same type of arrangement you'd have if you were using a Tascam or Steinberg HUI controller with - say - a separate interface like an RME. The controller is a handy, ergonomic robot mixer surface pushing virtual DAW faders and controls as the RME provides ADC conversion/preamping/DAC/monitoring. So it puzzles me why people would buy a comprehensive hybrid mixer like the DM (OTB/ITB capability) when - at the end of the day - 85% of all that power is never used. Why not just get a dedicated controller, a robust interface with the desired amount/type of I/O and call it a day?

I mean, I couldn't care less what people choose to work with - or how - but this is THE biggest question I've had about DM users since the desks were introduced. Puzzles me no end. Maybe you ITB experts can open my eyes to something I've missed this past 1/2 decade. :)

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I like to use an SPL meter to make sure I'm always monitoring at the same volume.

Me too - especially for final mixes and mastering. I have a preferred (<>83DB) level I like to work at for mixes/masters, and a <>98DB level for 'down the hall' listens. These are marked on my CR knob for instant recall.

And just because I'm a little obsessive, every so often I re-tune everything using the DM's signal generators with the SPL meter.

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Ok. It seems like you didn't get my question here. Of course i have the stereo DAW go to 2 of my channels on the DM. There is no Issue there. My question is: Can i stay on the remote layer and have the master channel set to a deferent layer? I want to have the master fader not control the DAW while all the other faders do.
To make sure I understand: you're talking about the stereo fader in the Remote Layer, right? In other words, you'd like to disengage the Stereo fader physically from the current selected layer (remote) and assign it to another layer?

The short answer is, no. If there's a way to do that, I'm not aware of it. At this point, Ernie/Jamsire should chime in; he's the "King Of Remote/UDLayers", and he'd have the definitive word.

The master fader in the Remote Layer disengages. All you have to do is go back to the first layer and move the master fader - it will not affect the ITB mix.

Jamsire, I know it will not effect the mix in the box. This is not what i'm asking. What i want to do is stay on the Remote layer but have the master fader work as if i'm on another layer. Anyway, I guess it's not possible.

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