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Feb 19, 2014
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How can I get reverb on playback of a recording? The manual is useless (grrr)!
i bought a tascam 2488 neo and im using my own external effects..i connect my guitar to the effects and the output to the input of the,,in other words
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Yes, I've done that, too. It just seems, since the 2488 has reverb effects. there ought to be some way to access them. I'll keep poking around :). Thanks for your suggestions.
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I'm not 100% sure, but I think if you add the reverb and 'bounce' the track, it keeps the effect as recorded. Also, you need to select the track and hit send, which I think works with playback as well as recording.
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i recorded a song with my 2488 neo,and i some how,got lucky and was able to use the reverb for my vocals,problem is,now i cant remember how i did i did find out that we can use the effects of the 2488 is just a matter of patience..keep trying,you will get there sooner or later
one more thing..if you use the external effects while recording,on play back you will hear the effects..done a lot of recording this way..hope it helps
If you press the Input button with the Effects button this should assign the FX to the input and you should be able to "print" the FX when you record.

Pressing the Select button with the Effects button should allow you to hear the FX when recording but does not add it to the recorded track.

To use the Single FX you need to push the Send button to dial in the FX once assigned to the track.

Hope this helps
thank you for the advise, guess now im beggining to understand this machine
I finally figured it out. It was easy. Select track, single effect, reverb settings, send, adjust gain and effect. Reverb on playback achieved!
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Good Job Alton3266. The machine is not hard to figure out, but you need to play around with it, specially when you try to use the compress. You need to read a little bit on how it works.
Thanks, Alfredo. I've read the manual, bought the dvd tutorials, followed the forums, and used the 2488 for professional recordings, and yet I still have much more to learn. I'm getting close, though! :)
Mr Alton, im still trying to record to the iternal cd recorder..have you tried doing this? is getting harder for me i dont seem to be able to get the inpoint or outpoint or whatever its called to work,keeps telling me the track is to short or the track is to long..any advice? thank you
i have been recording straight to my external cd recorder,but i want to be able to record on the internal cd would be a waist if i dont learn how to do
Hi Mario, I don't have the 2488 but I do have the DP-24 and from what I can tell they are similar in functionality. The in and out points tripped me up a bit as well when trying to get songs recorded to the internal CD writer. On the DP-24 you load the song, go back to home screen, press play, then to set your in point hold the mark set button down and then press the in button while holding down the mark set button. If you want your in point be the very beginning you can just hold the mark set button and press the in button before you hit play. At this point you can fast forward to where you want your out point and then hold down mark set and press out. Once that is done go into master/mix down mode, press record and wait for it to finish. After that you can go into CD write and burn that song to a CD. If you have several songs you want to record just go through the above process for each one before going into CD write mode and then when your done they will all show up in CD write mode and you can select the ones you want to burn. Hope that helps.
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Hello to everyone ! I use a Tascam US-366 to record my songs into tracks using ACID. The problem i have is that while i listen the effects (reverb from bultin effects on us-366) during recording when i playback the track is flat without any effect. It seems that the effect does not going to the track. Recording is flat. Any help pls?
thank you so much mr jeff brunton..your advice has been of a lot of help..inpoints and outpoints were drivving me crazy...i will try just as you said and i will update the results..again, thank you so much
I have been on the phone with Tascam trying to figure out why external effects will not appear where I want them to. For example, I take a 1/4 inch cable out of the EFFECTS SEND 1 and hook it to the input of my Behringer effects unit. Then I run another 1/4 cable out of the Behringer, and back into Track E (which is track 5) on the back of the NEO. No matter what I do, how I set the Post or Pre or whatever controls, and no matter how I monitor what I am doing, there is no effect coming back into the Tascam. The effects unit works fine, as do the cables. Tascam cannot explain why the unit will not accept the effects. I think the design is weak!

PS - I was looking at buying a newer Tascam unit, but if they can't make effects routing logical like on (much) older recorders, than why even consider them?
Greg, did you remember to arm the two return tracks, select "record" and set the faders up on the return channels? Also on the tracks you are "sending", there's a soft switch on the bottom of each select menu to turn the send on or off. Also, adjust both the LVL and MSTR up until you are hearing what you are shooting for?
Hi Rand782. Yes, the tracks are "armed", meaning they are selected. Record is selected. The faders are up on the return channels. The sends are turned on. Both the LVL and MSTR settings are at 100. There is still no effect coming in from the Behringer unit I am using, and it works fine when I am not using it with the NEO 2488. I will say I think that all of these settings are CUMBERSOME. But aside from that, the effect I am using from the Behringer is a very unique quick delay, so I would know if I was hearing it. All I here is an extremely long hall reverb from the Tascam itself. No matter what button combination I hit, following the manual and the DVD and user comments, that long hall reverb won't go away.

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