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Nov 9, 2012
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Dm4800 msr16
Im trying to route an 8 channel pre into the dm adat card. So I've connected from pre adat out to dm4800 adat in go to routing/input and on channel 1 change from mic line 1 to adat 1. But im not getting a signal on the dm. I get one showing on the pre. There both set to 44.1.

Any help would be great


Ok got it. Heres why I was plugging into the adat card in slot 4 and not the built in card. So i was selecting the wrong input path.

Hi Antony, I have the same problem but where do you have the option to use the built in card for adat? Do I have to add another midi HUI in protools?
Not sure what you mean. I have a separate adat card which is inserted in slot 4 but the dm inbuilt adat card is labeled in the routing page as adat 1-8, whereas If I wanted to use the adat card in slot 4 I would have to use slot 4 as my route source. So I plugged my tos lead into the wrong card and selected the wrong route source
So to clarify go to alt/routing and in input select adat from source and then select 1-8 as adat instead of mic line 1-8
I have the Behringer ADA8000 mic pre which I can connect using ADAT. This is basically just to have more inputs and ouputs in Protools. Is there something I need to do in DAW? I'm using protools.
I use logic and in that no. I selected in the dm input 1-8 to adat 1-8 and in logic just had same inputs 1-8
Re: Protools and ADAT:

If you're using firewire, you're restricted to 32 in/outs. Ptools 9/10 can only handle one ASIO device at a time. You won't be able to extend I/O with additional 8 additional ADAT I/O.

However, you can gain input advantage by having a digital connection from your outboard device - and - if all of the DM inputs are already dedicated - 8 more from that input source. Still, the sum total of those inputs is restricted to 32 firewire channels into the computer.

If anybody knows differently, or is aware of a workaround to this limitation, please chime in. :)


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