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Jan 29, 2013
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I'm wanting to route 1-16 channels to the board for live sound mixing on level one... but then route the same 16 inputs into Sonar for recording through level two or three. I'm new at this and although manual seems to indicate it can be done ... I can't figure it out. Any help?
One of the things I've noticed lately is that several new users tell us which DM mixer they have, while saying nothing about the interface. Without that information, it's hard to assist.

So - are you using the Firewire interface, or something else?

Either way, the routing you seek is fairly straight ahead.

Okay. Then here's one possible scenario:

First layer - 1 thru 16: route each of your inputs (M/L1 - M/L 16).

Second layer: go to Routing/Output Slot: Choose channels 17-24 as the target. (Pod 2 cycles through the layers). Using Input/Bypass, (right side of screen) route each of those output slots to show M/L1 thru M/l16 accordingly. Be sure to UNassign faders 17-24 from the Stereo Bus (upper left of desk). Otherwise you'll double up the signals.

Note: when using Input Bypass, none of the channels' EQ, Dynamics or fader levels are affecting the signal going to Sonar. In otherwords, it's a straight through process where nothing steps on or prints to the tracks.

Hopefully this will get you started.

Thanks CaptDan ... but a question.

I'm thinking layer 1 contais channels 1-24 and layer 2 contains channels 25-48. I probably won't need more than 16 channels on layer one for M/L but would like to keep 17-24 open for Cd playback, etc. Am I thinking right? If so does that change you above comments?
Understood. I use a DM3200 and think along those lines. :)

I suppose, then you could use 25 - 40 for your outputs to Sonar; just use Layer 3 for those channels instead of Layer 2. Later, during mixdown, you can reassign all the tracks from Sonar to a more convenient array. That's easy using channel invert or - simply saving each setup to a separate scene or template.

As CaptDan said,

"Note: when using Input Bypass, NONE of the channels' EQ, Dynamics or FADER LEVELS are affecting the signal going to Sonar. In otherwords, it's a straight through process where nothing steps on or prints to the tracks."

Which means that assigning channels 1-24 to layer two really doesn't do anythiing for you, unless you assign those channels to busses, so,,,to keep layer two available for other input mixing, try this...

Go to routing page /output slot/slot 1 or 3 (for your FW) and assign M/L 1-24 to your FW. (this will be the uneffected signal going straight to Sonar)
Now go to routing/input and assign M/L 1-24 to CH 1-24 (first layer..this will be your FOH mix).
Now hit SEL on each channel and push the "STEREO" buss button so that it is lit for each channel.

With this setup, each input. 1-24, will split. One uneffected version will go into each track input into Sonar (given that that is setup proerly) and NONE of the EQ, Dynamics, FADER movements etc that you make for live sound will be "seen" in Sonar. The only thing that will be seen is the preamp level, up at the top of the board as the signal is still in analog form at this point.
The OTHER split signal WILL go through your EQ, Dynamics, Effects. and FADER movements for each channel, and then out the stereo Buss (mains) for FOH,
Now layer two is available for anything or nothing. You could even assign 8 more channels for 8 external preamp channels in the same way, for 25-32 over FW and 25-32 out to FOH with a mix.

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