Scored my DM320!! 0, rs422 question


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Sep 1, 2014
Phoenix AZ
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DM-3200, HS-8
HS-8 transport control from DM-3200 over RS422..
I have googled and searched and have a query to Tascam going on 3 weeks.
I'm not put off, this is a hobby for me and I appreciate that it is for a lot of you also.
I really have exhaustively searched here and on Google.

The protocol is sony ps2 but I see a lot of variations of that, even VISCA, upon which it is based.

I have found lots of master/slave pinouts (none with Tascam specifics) out which pinout is the right one? My DM is running latest firmware, but in machine control I see MX2424, X48.. maybe the HS-8 will like one of those profiles?

Would it work if RS422 is pinned right? I have male DB9 plugs and appropriate wire on hand, but I am hesitant to try anything without knowing.

Thank you very much for your time.
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