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Feb 16, 2014
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Hi newbie here. As i have been learning of the thread I can't seem to follow the instructions for the SONAR setup listed in the drivers and manuals section. When i first got started with the settings under options> audio>general... ASIO IF-FW/DM mk II Out1 & In1 were not listed specifically, instead was ASIO IF-FW/DM mk II 1/2... So I then downloaded and installed ASIO4ALL. After restarting under the General tab the playback and record timing master only list my sound card. Yet under the Drivers tab all are listed now correctly but even after checking ASIO IF-FW DM MK II out1 & In1 they are never available still at the General tab even after reboot. Anyone here know how to fix?
Ok I figured it out... disabled my sound card thru device manager...SONAR now defaulted to the correct settings. Not sure what will happen once I enable it but for now I just want to press onward
Most DAWs I'm aware of can only operate with one ASIO device at a time. So, if you specify the DM/FWire/ASIO setup as your primary audio device, there's no need to re-instate the factory sound card at all.

Why confuse your Win7/PC any more than it's likely to be again? :)

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How do I go about audio from web? I read in another post of someone using SPDIF to a digital input:

>I've configured one of the MONITOR SEL button's of the DM to monitor SPDIF (computer's system sounds) in which case they are just one button push away but at the same time never will disturb my recording/mixing process..

I understand the connection but how do I configure the monitor select button?
will do, I almost forgot about the infamous manual. But now I've been working on getting my SONAR configured. I will get back to this and I believe the first thing I need to do is uninstall my soundcard as right now it's only disabled. Then I can use the factory SPDIF of the motherboard to output the DM 3200. I notice right now everytime I start up SONAR for the first time it wants to use the creative card for ASIO so I have to open it a second time even when using run as administrator. I will get back to this post after I'm done with a few other things.
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