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Oct 26, 2012
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As a previous user of Tascam products (MX2424, SX-1, MSR16) I managed to buy 2nd hand a Tascam X-48 (Mark I) . What a great recorder!

About a year ago I also bought four MA-AD8 and one IF-DA8. I bought these for interfacing digitally to both a Yamaha AW4416 (great machine) and the Yamaha AW2400 (also a great machine). With the acquisition of the X-48, this means I can go digitally to the X-48 and monitor (and also do a back-up recording) on the Yamaha.

I opened up the X-48 the other day in order to fit some quieter fans. After doing this I actually ended up fitting an EXTRA fan and making the noise greater, simply because I wasn't convinved the new quieter fans were pushing enough air around, and the quickest way to run a computer i insufficient cooling. Whilst I was under the hood, I noticed the X-48 is really a computer with a great big PCI card which houses all of the I/O (and has capability to add the analogue or further digital I/O.) The motherboard is an Iwill iMAX motherboard which is very difficult to find any information about? When I owned an SX1 I bought a couple of spare motherboards from Ebay just in case something happened to the machine. I'd like to do the same with the X-48 but can find very little info on the Iwill iMAX motherboard. Does anybody have any further info?

Because the X48 uses a form of 'embedded Windows' as its OS, will other motherboards be compatible should the unthinkable happen and I'm left with a non-functioning motherboard?

Finally, as I've got to grips with the machine a few things have struck me about it in comparison with other platforms. The transferring of files to computer has never been so easy. I haven't checked the FTP method yet ( a method I used to use on the MX2424) as the mounting and unmounting of USB drives is quick, easy and reliable.
I haven't been able to get any Plug-ins to load onto the machine (what's the secret?). Can anyone talk me through the procedure from finding a free online reverb say to installing it to the X-48.
I'm currently running the Mark II OS on the X-48 (I think it's 2.02 if memory serves me right) and would love to hear from anyone else doing the same.

I found an iMAX series from Packard Bell.
It is a "desktop system they put out.
It may be possible it was adopted from this??
Thanks for the reply but I've moved on since.......a couple of weeks ago I bought the Behringer X32 desk with an X-UF firewire card. Although it's only 24bit @ 44.1 /48KHz it will stream 32 ins and 32 outs from either a MAC using firewire 400, or a PC using USB2. It works great and will also be used as a live desk (32 XLR's a no-brainer). It means I can finally interface with my touchscreen PCs in a meaningful way.
I have been keeping an eye on those as well.

They were supposed to have 20,000 + units sold 9 months ago and I was waiting to here if there were any issues. I have found zero complaints or issues posted anywhere so far.

Let me know how you like it please.

Also the Presonus Studiolive 24 track with firewire seems like another dual duty solution?



Happy New Year
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