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Oct 28, 2012
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How do i upload the SX-1 Service Manual to the Documentation section for the SX-1? It is a pdf file of 9.5 MB and I keep getting a file too large to upload error. I think this document would be very useful to everyone and Redbus (Tascam) has no problem with it being placed on the forum. Aa the SX-1's keep getting older I would think that the service manual might help some users keep it running longer.


  • SX-1 Service Manual.pdf
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The manual is now attached to the original post. Thanks @RussD!
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I went through the SX-1 manual looking for something specific. Administrator or someone else with knowledge, what is the part number of the Tascam SX-1 motherboard? It’s a 10 digit number. Someone told me it starts with an E. I’m not sure of that. Anybody with knowledge or know how, please share the knowledge. I need the part number ASAP, please. Thanks.

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