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Jul 30, 2013
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Hello All,

Just wondering if anyone has had problems connecting and syncing the clock using the DM-24 and TDIF. I am getting an error which states Out Of Range when trying to select TDIF as a sync source on the DM connected to the MX.

Is there a special setting I need to choose other than Menu 002 Dig 1-2.

Just bear with me a little as I have never set up a TDIF card or a DM-24.
When using the DM-24 do you need to connect a word clock cable between them?
Have you made the DM-24 master and the MX the slave, or the other way around (no sure which is best but I would think the DM-24 should be master)?
If you have got the DM-24 as master have you made the MX a slave?
Are the DM-24 and MX set to the same frame rate (if in fact the DM-24 has top have frame rate set up)?

Again sorry for being vague, I usually use the analog card or the Adat card. I know when using the Adat card we have used a word clock cable for stability.

Ok, no problem, thanks for replying.

I have the DM-24 as a master I believe since it is set to Internal in the Digital Menu in the master clock section on top. It is set to INT 44.1k. It is here I try to select TDIF but it gives the out of range error. I cannot find another place to set up the clock so I assume this is the only spot and that the DM is mater but I could be missing something.

I think setting the DM to master would make sense but I an new to this digital clock source stuff.

I have the MX set to Dig 1-2 for sample reference (Menu 002) and I have Menu 000 set to Local/TL-Bus.

I am not sure if I need to do frame rate setting since it was over TDIF but the MX is currently set to 30/NDF in Menu 004 and the DM is also set to 30NDF in the Options-Sync/TC page.

I am at a loss, I am sure I am missing something simple although the manuals are not telling me much details in this regard so trial and error and seek advice. Anything you can suggest is appreciated.

When you select INT44.1 at the "digital" screen of the DM24 it acts as the master clock.
Because you select the internal master clock of the DM24. This clock is send to all digital outputs available on the DM24.

So when you connect your mx2424 with TDIF, set the MX2424 as clock slave to the TDIF input. How to do this, read the manual ;)

Thanks for reading both of these posts. Regarding the MX, I have it set to Internal / TLBus as per the manual so it should act as a slave... no? I posted the pictures on the other thread: Master Clock over TDIF

Nothing too lose ill give it a shot and report back.


Unfortunately it did not work, the mystery continues. It is probably something so simple that I am overlooking.
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