TAC SCORPION 24-16-2 mixer with patchbay and multicores


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Jun 9, 2014
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MS16 Pocketstudio DP08
From studio closure and in great condition. A couple of slightly bent knobs on channel 1, one of the master faders is slightly raised, a few scratchy pan pots but fully working.

Comes with:
Full instruction manual with schematics
PSU & cable
35 patch cables
Klotz EDAC-XLR multicores for tape/DAW in/out
A couple of untested EDAC-XLR/TS and RCA multicores
Old fader and channel strip removal tools

I'm open to sensible offers, and will offer a discount if you buy this along with the TASCAM MS-16 reel to reel or any of the other gear I'm also selling on here.

Collection only from just east of Glasgow.
Thanks for your interest.
2014-05-27 14.28.50.jpg 2014-05-27 14.31.18.jpg busses.jpg channel 1.png console.jpg master.jpg multicores.jpg patchbay.jpg tac manual.jpg
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