Tascam 234 buzzing and smoking!


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Aug 2, 2015
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I'm using a 50-1600w step down transformer to power a US model Tascam 234 on UK 240v mains... I didn't see anything inherently wrong with this as I estimate the power consumption to be around 35w... HOWEVER... After running this for a second time I noticed a buzz which I attributed to something being unearthed and continued testing. After about 20 minutes I notice smoke emanating from the dear tascams posterior, at which point I stopped the tape, powered off, pulled the plug out and switched everything off at the mains... Does anyone have an idea what went wrong here?! Any measures I can take to prevent my beloved 4 track from exploding?!
I should mention that the buzzing is through the desk and picked up on the bass amp as well, not acoustic buzzing...

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