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Jan 31, 2015
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Tascam 32-2B
I just bought a Tascam 32-2B. It rewinds and fast forwards fine, but when I press the play button, it plays too fast. Does that mean I need a new belt?
Thank you!!
My 38 has a pitch control knob and i think there is one on the 32 too. Make sure that it is in the center position. A loose belt would make it run slower, I believe.
Thank you for your response. The pitch control is in the middle. So you think if I put a new belt on it will run slower?
Check that the pinch roller is actually pressing the tape onto the capstan. If not, it would allow the tape to be pulled through by the take up motor.

On my 34, the pinch roller pressure should be between 1.5 kg to 1.7 kg and is adjusted by moving the solenoid towards the side of the deck.

I have checked a downloaded PDF for the 32, see the attached picture.


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Changing the belt is not a trivial matter, at least not on the 38. I would try that last.

It makes more sense to me that a loose belt will make it run more slowly. It could be the pinch roller (as above) or even something as simple as the pitch knob is askew. Roll it all the way left and right and make sure the middle is the middle.

Thank you Michael and Andrew. I will check your recommendations.
Thank you Andrew. I will look into this.
Well did you fix it? Maybe you are expecting the deck to work at 3.75 IPS? This is a 1/2 track deck built on the X10 transport It is only a 7.5 IPS and 15 IPS deck. There is no 3.75 IPS. No belt is going to make it go slower.

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