Tascam 38 and tape

Olaf Ben

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Oct 19, 2019
Cork, Ireland
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I have managed to play and record on my Tascam 38, but it works only on Quantegy GP9 tape I received with the machine, somehow it plays the other tapes I have, but when I try to record on them it does not work.

I thought that the Tascam 38 would play and record on any 1/2" tape, am I missing something ? One tape I have was new Quantegy 499 type, and another a 900 not used at all. I am thinking of buying some pancakes so, now I am unsure what tape will actually work. I you have some advice guys ?
You are correct that the machine should record on any 1/2" media maybe not perfectly but at least a signal would be there. Try cleaning the heads real well- I use denatured alcohol unless very nasty dirt and then I use Acetone. If it records on GP9 then it should also do it on SM911 which is the closest to what the machine was designed for GP9 belongs on a Studer or High end Otari machine. These were made for 456 which is the SM911 today.

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