Tascam 44 OB output problem


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Sep 15, 2021
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44 OB
Hi All!
I recently bought a 44OB. The rca outputs work fine but I can’t hear any signal through the xlr outputs. Am I missing something obvious? Is there an internal jumper or switch to choose between rca/xlr? Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.
There are often times two pole muting relays that go open coil and so they are changed in many decks. I use a Coto relay of the same configuration and 24Vdc. The coild are between 1100-1500 ohms when measured on relays from pin 2 to 6. I can provide model number of relays if you need it.
Someone may have plugged a cable with one of the phases shorted to ground, a common- wrong- way to unbalance a signal. The 44 uses a separate transistor balancing amp. So transistors got fried, you lost the higher voltage used for the balanced output amp. or fried the 10 ohm limiting resistors for the power feed to the output balance.

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