Tascam 464-Recording on Track 4


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Oct 28, 2014
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I'm trying to record on all four tracks at once and everything works except track 4. I get a signal, I can hear it in the monitor, but it's just not recording and I've probably tried every position and setting. It doesn't matter whether it's a guitar straight in with direct selected or a mic via XLR. The other three channels record perfectly. I've also read up on the 424 manual and the 488 manual, but still can't get it to record. Any help in plainly explaining the exact settings, how to pan it, what to turn off, what to turn on, etc would be a great help. I'm a novice at this so not too savvy with the terminology and stuff.

First course of action is to put a tape in to see if there is playback on the track. IF no then either dirt or a open coil.
I have a 244 here that has an open coil on the top track four head.

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