Tascam 488 MK I Tape Speed


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Mar 19, 2014
Los Angeles
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488 Mk I
Hey guys! I just joined tascamforums after purchasing a 488 Mk I

I am totally new to the whole analog recording thing and am inexperienced in operating this machine

with that being said I bought one with the original manual (thank goodness) and its served as a guide for beginning my journey into recording with a 488 and has given me enough know-how to perform basic recording functions.

however there are some questions I just can find answers to and Im hoping someone on here can help.

The main thing is when I record on the 488, playback and everything sounds totally fine. no problems there.
however when I am done using the 488 and i take the tape out for playback in another tape player
(just random sony and panasonic handheld cassette players/recorders) the tape is much slower....much slower

The manual did mention something about the tape speed of the 488 but didn't really solve what to do.
My friend records through a 424 and he doesn't seem to have a tape speed problem

How do I record on the tape, and then be able to play back in other cassette players without my tape being all slow? I have no clue what to do. Any help is appreciated Thanks!

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