Tascam 58 + DBX 155 units for sale


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Oct 30, 2013
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Tascam 58 with XLR +4dB connectors board and 4 x 2 channel DBX 155 units for sale. The recorder has been recently serviced and tested, pots and contacts cleaned, and all seems to work, heads, tape guides & rollers not worn. Available as extra one remote and a self made foot switch remote. price to be negotiated, location Netherlands and shipping + packing might be expensive ..... will send pictures on request.
Hi, I know this thread is quite old but I was wondering if maybe you still have the Tascam 58 for sale?
Interested in the remote and foot switch. Can you send pictures? Many thanks.
Hey @fiddler2007,

Saw you weren't in a rush to sell last year, hoped you might hung on to your 58 a year longer ;-)

I'm looking for a good machine at the moment and since I live in the Netherlands too that seemed too interesting not to ask...

Thanks in advance!

gr Jasper
hello Fred, indeed the DBX units for 8 channels i still have, 4x 155 with american power plugs (with Europese type transfer plug) fitted, plus a few prints for spare parts once given to me.
Also 2x a DBX 150 (the older model) for 4 channels BTW. All the Tascam stuff Jasper owns ... - F

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