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Feb 4, 2014
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Hi there guys,

I wanna start by saying I'm new here and I'm new to the tascam dm 3200.

I am in talks about purchasing this console but before I go ahead I was wondering if you guys could help.

If the console doesn't have the IF FW/DM can the console still be set up as a daw surface controller? With linking faders pots etc? If so what cabling / drivers will be required.

And also is there any way of getting any analogue bus/direct outputs without this card.

Sorry if these seem like stupid questions. I am new to this world always used analogue consoles before and don't have the dm 3200 manual and everything iv read online doesn't really answer my questions.

Thanks in advance

Yes, you can use the DM 3200 as a control surface without the FireWire card. That connection is made by USB (even if have the FW card) and the protocols are in the console's built-in OS.

I can't speak to direct outs as I don't use the console that way. In my setup the I/O is handled by the FW card and I mix OTB with some ITB assist, sending the stereo mix back into the DAW.
That's great! Thanks Jim for the quick reply.

I think I'm going to go ahead and purchase this console. And when I can afford but the FW Card.

The only think that confused me was people going on about setting there daw controllers via midi. I might just be old school so I presumed it was via the old school midi cables.

Thanks again Jim

Much appreciated

You won't regret it. Mine has been one of the smartest decisions I made in 18 years of business. Take the time to learn the routing and it will blow your mind.

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